Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100 yrs of smoking studies @PopSci | #Brain & #Smoking paintings | @JAMA_current

The Brain and Smoking: Part 1 - 
It Begins: The Brain and Secondhand Smoke - 

There was an article published recently on the Popular Science blog marking 100 years of studies done/reported on regarding the health implications of smoking.[1]

While it has been proven that smoking can be a cause of lung cancer, what is it that makes it hard to quit and how does smoking impact those around you, neurologically?

Well those are the questions that prompted two paintings in my ongoing Brain Series, an image which is included at the beginning of this blog post. Check out the links to those respective blog posts to see how smoking impacts the brain of the first and secondhand smoker.


Michelle Hunter 
Exploring Neuroscience Through Art

[1] "100 Years of Smoking in Popular Sciance" Diep, Francis,, January 10, 2014