Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World #Stroke Day! You and your #brain

While the next painting in my brain series will be on the brain and stroke, I wanted to use this post to help bring awareness to the topic.

Do you know what a stroke (aka "Brain attack") is?

It's when blood flow is cut off to any portion of the brain. The brain is a marvelous organ that can suffer great harm if it's not properly taken cared of. So...

How can one prevent a stroke?

Majority of strokes can be prevented! Consult your healthcare professional to determine what your risk factors may be. In addition, consider:
  • Do you monitor your diet? Are you aware of how many fatty foods you may be consuming?
  • Do you stay active? Exercise regularly to help keep the blood flowing?
  • Are you a smoker? It can DOUBLE your risk of a stroke.
  • Do you consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day? Strokes have been tied to alcohol consumption.
  • When was the last time your blood pressure was measured? High blood pressure is a strong risk factor and should be regularly monitored.
  • Do you know whether your heartbeat is normal or now? Work with your doctor if you have an irregular heartbeat.
  • What's your cholesterol level? It should be checked by your doctor also. What is cholesterol? When checking your blood, it's a fatty substance that is not only made by the body but can also come in food. Clogged arteries can a side effect of high cholesterol.
Experiencing a stroke can have devastating results from being in a vegetative state or loosing mobility or the ability to speak.

I look forward to exploring more on this with you. In the meantime, here are a couple of links to help you learn more:

"Stroke Prevention" http://www.stroke.org/site/PageServer?pagename=PREVENT
"Anatomy of the brain" http://www.uhnj.org/stroke/anatomy.htm
"Effects of a Stroke" http://www.ama-assn.org//ama/pub/physician-resources/patient-education-materials/atlas-of-human-body/brain-effects-stroke.page

Here's to YOUR brain health!