Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Self Portrait: "Oh no! I think you've figured me out!!"

Well hello there. Now that I am finished with school, more frequent art updates will come. My right brain is grateful :)

Many of you may have seen this drawing already as it was my profile picture on Facebook for a while. Here's the story behind it.

Oh no! I think you've figured me out!
Colored pencil on paper
8'' x 10''

The idea of doing another self portrait came about when The ArtHouse announced having a Self Portrait exhibition. The rules were pretty minimal: no larger than 8x10 with the frame and had to show some resemblance of a face. No biggie. I had recently bought a solved rubix cube for a painting idea and was brain storming of how I wanted this portrait to be. I wanted to do something different from the standard but something with meaning. At first I was thinking to use objects in my life that would shape the features of my face (for example a paint brush bending into the shape of my nose), but I scraped that idea-it just didn't feel right so I needed to think of something else. At my laptop looking for images for the painting, I was turning the cube from one side to the other, looking at it face on and at its angles, looking at the placement of my hands on the cube. Then when the side of the cube that was all white came up, the idea stuck me for the portrait.

I feel that I am in a part of my life where I am coming together. Disjointed pieces of me are being identified (by myself and others) and I'm working on putting them in a more productive and cohesive position. Having a better idea of what I want, planning for it and working to make it happen and working on being more real with people. Always easier said than done but I'm working on taking those steps to get to my goals. I've already achieved a few of the goals I set for myself this year while others are proving more difficult. Those obstacles are helping me discover new capabilities, a process that will be complete when I die.

So this portrait of myself, at this point of my life, is a perfect way of saying YO! I'm being figured out! Things are coming together! My friends have a better sense of me as I continue to open up. I'm being more accepting of myself. It's refreshing. I wonder what my next self portrait will be like :) We shall see. Enjoy.