Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seen on Craigslist: Call For Artists: The Canvas Project

This seems like an interesting opportunity. Everyone is welcome to participate. Fee is $16. They will send you 5, 3x3 canvas' for you to paint memories and moments.

Below is the text from their craigslist ad and here is the link to their website if you are interested in participating. I've already signed up.

important dates

07/15/08 :sign up by
09/15/08 :postmark deadline
10/05/08 :show date

Call For Artists: The Canvas Project


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Date: 2008-06-21, 1:53PM EDT

We’re sending five 3x3 inch canvases to up to 500 participants from around the country. Artists cover the canvases using any medium they want based on the theme of “Memories and moments.” Anyone can participate–from the seasoned artist to the person who has never even drawn a stick figure. Show will be held at Art House Gallery in Atlanta, Ga.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm taking over Cosi's

Hi all,

Hey New Yorkers, are you familiar with the restaurant chain Cosi's? If not, they make unique sandwiches on oh so delicious bread-yum yum!! Well they have several locations in Manhattan and the manager of several of these stores put a post on craigslist looking for artists to liven up the space for 2 months at a time. Several emails and a meeting later, I'm booked! This Cosi's store is located on 44th and 3rd avenue. But what a challenge it is-let me tell ya. Yet, that's all the more reason why I want to go for it. Filling up a high traffic store with only my work is certainly not an opportunity to be missed. Now that I've been given the go ahead, now I need to create 11 (that's right ELEVEN) masterpieces in 4 weeks. I can probably do fewer larger paintings, but I have to worry about how to transport them from my place to the store and lugging around a couple of 4 feet x 4 feet pieces on the subway doesn't seem that safe so I would rather break that down to several smaller pieces. Luckily I have ideas for most of them.

To make this happen, I have to put aside my lovely oils (sigh, I miss using them already) and switch to acrylics for this task. So far so good with the water based paints. I'll of course keep you posted.