Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Participation in Mobrit Society's Season One Finale [Video]

Hello all,

In a prior post from April, I wrote about my "Brain Painting Wins Top Prize at Social Tapestry hosted by Mobrit".

Their monthly winners were then invited to show one piece of artwork for their Season One finale which took place Friday November 4th at Hype Lounge in NYC.

Instead of showing "Don't You Remember?" I chose to show "First Aid". Hosted by Drago, the event begun with artist introductions with each of us entering the spot light and talking for a couple of minutes about the work we chose to show. After all artists were introduced, we all went back in front of the crowd to answer any questions the audience may have had.



There was the voting component too! Nearing the end, guests were asked to text their favorite artist of the evening to a SMS number. Results were announced within the next day or two. I was tied for 2nd. Not bad and hey, it was a fun filled experience.

If you didn't make it, you should watch this 4minute art episode by fellow exhibiting artist and friend Marthalicia Matarrita .  There's no audio (you had to be there) but a beautiful soundtrack. At the 2 minute mark, you can see clips of each of the artists taking our turn speaking in front of the crowd. Watch the video, it's well done in my opinion with a nice soundtrack.

Stay tuned for an in progress post on the 7th painting in my brain series addressing depression.

Regards (and keep in touch!),