Friday, October 8, 2010

Caffeine Headache

Me: Hi...My name is Michelle
Audience: Hi Michelle
Me: Hi. I've been addicted to caffeine and didn't even realize it until I started getting these migraines....

And that folks is the inspiration for this latest painting called "Caffeine Headache."

Caffeine Headache
24'' x 24''
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Have you experienced these headaches? For me, I used to usually have one cup of coffee during the week at work. Thought nothing of it. Every now and then I would get migraines either late in the afternoon and/or on the weekends. Then they began to happen frequently enough over the course of several months where I became concerned and wanted to figure out what the cause was. So, I began to keep track of them and noticed they occurred when I didn't have coffee yet that day. Migraines suck and I was happy to finally figure out the cause so I can determine how to proceed. The solution, for me, was to cut back significantly on the coffee and why not create a painting too.

Here we have a cup on a table where the brain throbbing so much that it's cracking what confines it. The brain is also warm and starting to overheat. What is draining from the cup is up for discussion. Initially I intended it to be coffee. After sharing the work with a friend, they thought it was brain fluid. Interesting interpretation. So the fluid is what you make of it. If coffee, then I feel that my brain is wanting to get rid of what it doesn't need. If brain fluid...then I better stop whatever it is that I'm doing to myself!

As always, I love to hear your thoughts if you care to share them:

Lastly, here are just a couple of in progress pics [please give it a moment to load]. Unfortunately, earlier shots of the painting were lost when I lost my camera. Enjoy!!

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