Saturday, July 21, 2012

Painting Live! Recorded Session At The Studio Post 1

Hi All,

Want to know what happens as I create a painting from beginning to end, well thanks to Ustream, you can get that much closer to the action.

I've just began my Ustream account ( occasionally during the week and/or weekend, you can turn in for an hour and see me work on a painting...LIVE. You can you their chat feature to ask me questions or use twitter as well.

Below is my first hour of live recording as I work on another brain painting on the topic of negative/positive thoughts.

Video streaming by Ustream

I'm still working out what a good set date and time would be, but for now, I'll post finished painting sessions here. If you are on Twitter (  or Facebook ( and follow me, I'll post notices of when the next live painting session will be online.

Till then!

Michelle Hunter 
Contemporary Artist
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