Monday, July 28, 2008

Ok, by a show of hands, who else feels overwhelmed?

Whew, it has been a busy summer but gratefully it has been productive. This summer I wanted to make strides when it came to my artwork and I certainly did. Doing 11 paintings in a month is no easy feat but I knocked that out of the park. A plus to that is I like each one I did. Sure I could have spent some more time on a couple of them, but I'm proud of each one of them!

Also I've participated in 3 exhibits (so far :-)) and I want to do more. I've been checking craigslist regularly since that's where I've found these 3 cool opportunities. However, these legitimate "Call for Artist" entries are becoming few and far between. Do you have any suggestions of other websites I should browse around for exhibit opportunities?

At the end of August, I'm going to swap out a painting that has been in Brooklyn for 2 months now. I'm working on a new piece similar to one that is currently displayed at Cosi's. I'm concurrently working on the Zodiac series. All 12 paintings for this probably won't be done by the time school starts at the end of August. During the semester I plan to go back to oils and my Four Questions series which has gained some interest so I want to at least finish the 2 that are half way done.

As always, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading and I'm available if you have questions or feedback.

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