Thursday, October 25, 2012

Help your fat cells help you! Give your #brain enough rest

Yes I said fat cells, which are described in a recent ScienceDaily post regarding how our fat cells are effected by the amount of sleep we get ("Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep, According to New Research").

(c) Michelle Hunter "Zzzzzzzz(sleep)"

Now I never really thought about my fat cells before, but they serve a good purpose. When I think of fat, I think of it as something that slows you down; well body fat actually stores energy. It removes fatty acids and  molecules like lipids (What are lipids? See here: that risk damaging any tissues. If the fat cells don't have the ability to do their job and remove these lipids, then there can be some trouble.

I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep and that's partly due to other articles I've been reading that suggest that our bodies become increasingly unable to function properly with less sleep. In the study led by Assistant Processor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Esra Tasali, MD ( two groups of people were measured over four nights, those that slept for 8 hours and those that slept for 4 hours. All participants then took a glucose test to measure their insulin sensitivity.  A biopsy was also done to remove abnormal fat cells that were around the navel area.

For more detail on the testing, I suggest you read the article. In short, the fat cells of those that were sleep-deprived needed approximately 3-times the amount of insulin to do their job. Your body needs to rest to stay healthy!

How many hours of sleep would you now make a point of getting each night?

In my painting used in this post, it shows that a lot is happening in our brain as our bodies rest. The brain doesn't sleep, instead certain functions become more active than others. This article helps show that our body is an amazing machine and needs it's parts greased up to keep working well. A good amount of rest provides that lubrication.

Sleep well!

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