Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Dr. Seuss Book do these words come from?

I welcome you to read this blog post on ... National Reading Day! It's celebrated throughout the country the same day Dr. Seuss was born. It is commemorated in schools on the closest school day to March 2nd.

As you are reading this, lots of interesting things are going on in your head! That's how cool the brain is :)

I've done some research on reading and the brain. Apparently a key area in our brains for reading comprehension is the area between our left Temporal and Occipital Lobes. The Temporal Lobe plays an important part in language and speech pronunciation among other functions. The Occipital Lobe is where our primary Vision Cortex resides.

In the below drawing I've represented that region with a keyhole. Flowing into that keyhole are words from one of Dr. Seuss' popular books. From the drawing, do you know which book the words come from?


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