Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Participating in Mondelez International Artist Showcase

Hi there,

For Black History Month, I'm am pleased to be able to showcase a couple of my paintings at Mondelez corporate offices in East Hanover, NJ. Not familiar with Mondelez? Well they are the (new) company behind your favorite snakes like Ritz and Oreos.

Five paintings of mine from the brain series will be included:
- Caffeine Headache
- Don't you remember?
- The Brain and Smoking part 1
- The Brain and Smoking part 2
- Yet to be Seen

Thank you to Milo at for the connection.

When speaking with the coordinator, she made a very good point. When people think of African American art, one may usually think of a more ethnic style of art. That though is only a small portion of the style of art African American artists create. Works span modern, contemporary, abstract and the list goes on. As such, we can't be found in one place. There isn't a registry, that I'm aware of, where artists can create a profile. Some artists may not even want to note their ethnicities on their website (I'm half black and middle eastern in case you were wondering).
We are out there though and happy to share our work with you :)

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