Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Here's a drawing to mark new year decision making

I hope that this new year brings you 365 days of love, prosperity and health!
With the start of a new year brings thoughts of resolutions and reflections. It then leads right into deciding what will be different this year; what will be the changes that need to be made to make this year better than the next.

There are a couple parts of our brain that handle these decision making processes as illustrated in this drawing below.

Premotor Cortex (yellow): For simple decision making about physical actions that should be taken, this area of our brain is involved. If adjustments need to be made, those corrections are planned out here. So for example you wanted you work out more. Think about what condition your body is currently in and what movements you would be able to do.

Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (blue): In this area of the brain, past and present circumstances are evaluated. Did you attempt wanting to workout before? How did that go? What was learned? What could have been different and how does your current situation impact your ability to workout? Or did you do a particular exercise before that was too uncomfortable?

Frontal Lobe (red): The frontal lobe comes into the fold to combine all the information gathered so far to come up with your plan. Sticking with the workout example, you are in good shape to work out more often, there is a gym nearby but you didn't go too often last year or just stopped going altogether after a period of time. To help encourage you to go on a regular basis, you can recruit a gym buddy. You learned of that idea from a magazine article you read. Next step is asking your friends who would be up for meeting regularly to hit the gym. Go together to purchase your gym memberships, gym clothes, and plan on when the first workout date will be.

Good luck!

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