Wednesday, November 14, 2012

High Blood Sugar and the #Brain for World #Diabetes Day

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Here is a drawing I've done for World Diabetes Day which is November 14th. The image represents how the imbalance of sugar effects of the brain of one with normal blood sugar (brain on the left) and one with high blood sugar (brain on the right).

For the brain on the right, the scale contains more sugar which is putting pressure on the brain. The results of that additional weight shrinks the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain housed in the limbic system.

According to this article by ABC News "High Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Brain Shrinkage", the amygdala (emotions) and hippocampus (memory) areas of the brain that shrinked for those with high blood sugar.

The study was conducted by the Neuroimaging and Brain Lab at Australian National University and would help refine the definition of diabetes.

There are multiple forms of diabetes which is defined as a disease where one has high blood sugar either because they cannot produce enough insulin or the insulin produced can't be absorbed by the cells. 

For World Diabetes Day, find out more information on the disease on the American Diabetes Association website: 

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