Sunday, February 17, 2008

Four Questions: No2 Completed

Hey all,

I am pleased to announce the completion of the second painting in the series titled "Four Questions."

16'' x 20''
Oil on Canvas Board

Life is a series of continuous questions which must be answered and can rarely be ignored. Somehow I want to paint those experiences.

The four questions used for this painting were provided by someone I went to high school with. Her questions were:

- Career or marriage?
- Eating ice cream or working out?
- Save up money or splurge on a vacation?
- Saving money or buying shoes?

What do you think about the piece? Let me know by either commenting on the blog or sending me an email at

I'm now looking for ideas for the next piece in the series. If you would like to help me with that, I ask that you reply back with 4 questions you would like me to illustrate. In addition, I want you to recommend 4 colors you would like me to use.

As I await responses, I'm going to continue with my Dancer series. This series is meant to pay tribute to dance companies I have seen perform and have become an admirer of.

Thanks for your continued support and look forward to your feedback.

Below you can also see a few "in progress" pictures I took of this painting so you can have a sense of how it took shape.


  1. I think this painting is quite good in capturing the essence of the questions and in a sense quite practical for the issues it addresses. Four questions also bring to mind a biblical connotation as in the ones asked during the Jewish observance of Passover. I wish you continued success with your artistic endeavors.

  2. Wonderful work -- very inventive. I particularly like the blending of contrasting images. It suggests that one cannot pursue something without also considering "the other side of the coin." Speaking of coins, I think the piggy bank is pretty damn cute, especially the way it wiggles from the left side of the painting to the right side -- symbolizing the pervasiveness of money in many of life's questions.

  3. My favorite elements are the question marks themselves- they turn into an interesting rune, and of course the fat cute piggy bank trying to make decisions about where to spend his bacon, would enjoy seeing more variations with those.

  4. I love this work. Very interesting combinations of abstract and figurative....four questions and two ways on each questions evoke some religious/spiritual feelings.

    Mimi Yama